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Cowboy Action Shooting
Go back in time to when Wyatt, Doc, Bat and the Texas Rangers helped tame Tombstone, Dodge City and the Old West!

Where can I do that?

River Bend Gun Club is just the place! You will meet some of the greatest people you will ever shoot with among the River Bend Rough Riders.

What is Cowboy Action Shooting (CAS)?

The Single Action Shooting Society (SASS) was established over 25 years ago by a small group of shooters who wanted to dress cowboy and shoot guns used in the late 1800’s. SASS is now a world wide organization with over 500 clubs. In Georgia alone, there are nine clubs, four in the Atlanta metro area. SASS now has over 90,000 members and expect to top 100,000 in the coming year or so. It is a fast growing, fun sport!

A few members of The River Bend Rough Riders
What guns do I need?

Click HERE for Information on Guns used in Cowboy Action Shooting.

Who can shoot?

Cowboy Action is a shooting sport for the entire family, young and old, and is a lot of fun to boot! One of the great aspects of Cowboy Action Shooting is that it is friendly to both the inexperienced as well as the veteran shooter. You can start shooting as young as eight years old (with adult supervision) and younger shooters may use .22 caliber guns. There is no upper age limit. Cowboy Action Shooting has categories for all ages and includes many different shooting classes and styles.

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The River Bend Rough Riders Cowboy Shooters Invite you to The 2013 S. A. S. S. Georgia State Championship at River Bend Gun Club, Dawsonville, Georgia May 2–5
But I am not a RBGC member -
Can I still shoot?

You do not have to belong to River Bend Gun Club to shoot at scheduled Cowboy events. Just show up the first Saturday of each month, rain or shine at the Cowboy Range. Rough Rider Club HouseOur safety briefing starts at 9 am. After the safety briefing, we say the pledge, offer a prayer and start shooting!
Our facilities include a large club house with "his and her" bathrooms. We also have an adjoining 30 x 50 foot Pavilion with picnic tables, fans and lights to enjoy while eating lunch or telling shooting stories. During scheduled shoots, the "Hot Dog Lady" sets up her stand at lunch time and sells some great hot dogs!

Starting a stage "in the jail house"!
Moving and loading.
How do I dress?

The dress code is very simple. Wear a pair of boots, jeans, a plain long sleeved shirt and a cowboy hat of some sort. The clothing should not have designer logos apparent and the shirt should not have a button down collar. Dressing Cowboy is a fun part of this sport, but when you are just starting, dress simply and then decide how you want to present your “inner cowboy”.

How do I start?

We recommend those interested in Cowboy Action Shooting come visit us at a scheduled shoot first and let us explain our sport. You will get a good idea of what is involved in Cowboy Action Shooting, meet some great folks, make some new friends and get all your questions answered. If you decide Cowboy Action Shooting is for you, we can help with advice and sources for appropriate clothing and equipment. But don't let the lack of gear hold you back! Cowboy Shooters are a helpful bunch and if you ask, one of us will be glad to let you use our guns and ammo at your first match!

After three matches you are required to join SASS ( for a small annual fee. You will also need to come up with an Cowboy name or "alias" - which is part of the fun! A few examples of current RBGC Cowboy Shooter's aliases (and the folks you will likely meet when you come visit) include "Blarney Shooter", "Bad Wheel Brad" and "Ima Peach". So make plans to come visit us at our next schedule event (RBGC Calendar) and start thinking about your Cowboy alias!

A few of the ladies!

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