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FITASC is short for Fédération Internationale de Tir aux Armes Sportives de Chasse. It is a type of shotgun sport similar to sporting clays, trap and skeet.  RBGC’s Layout utilizes the Five Stand field to place three stations (known as pegs) per 25 bird layout and each Peg has its own menu of traps from the 12 available machines. Peg one and three use 4 traps and will each show four singles and two pairs, Peg 2 has five traps and will present five singles and two pairs to make up the 25 bird round.  You’ll find a menu with the order of targets displayed at each stand. The targets are shot using a low mount and there are specific rules about the process of calling and mounting for the shot. All shooters are asked to pick up their spent hulls and discard them in the provided containers.

Wobble Skeet

While similar to skeet in that the same shooting stations are used each target is thrown from a wobble trap that oscillates left and right and wobbles up and down.  These traps create a unique combination of targets with each throw.  This game simulates more of a hunting scenario with the varying presentations.  While you can shoot the targets as true pairs most shooters prefer to shoot report pairs in this game.

Wobble Tower

Utilizing a wobble trap placed on our 75 foot tower targets are presented to shooters in five progressive stations.  Upon breaking a target the shooter moves to the next station increasing the angle to the target presentation. Upon breaking a target in the fifth station the shooter returns to the first station and begins the progression again.  All shooters take one shot at their target progressing through the stations until all have fired 25 target presentations.


This game is shot from a skeet field layout using a wobble trap in the center of the field.  From the 7 skeet stations in the arc shooters fire a single shot on a wobble target starting at stations 1 and progressing upon breaking the target around the arc back and forth until all shooters have fired 25 targets.

Pattern Board

The clubs pattern board is located on Bay 11 of the Cowboy Action complex.  Shooters can test their various shot sizes and patterns in this location.  Consult the range rules booklet for more information on using this venue


For questions about these specialty venues or anything pertaining to shotgun shooting sports at RBGC contact the Shotgun Hill at shotgunmanager@rbgc.org

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