Be A Cowboy or Cowgirl Again!
Cowboy Action Shooting
  What guns do I need?

Remember we are back in the late 1800ís and we shoot those types of guns. We recommend before you run out and buy two pistols, a lever action rifle and a shotgun, you try the different types and then start shopping. Come visit with us before you begin this sport, we can save you both time and money if you will come out and ask some questions. The .45 caliber guns sound great and are really cowboy, but if you are shooting 1500 rounds a month (that is what a couple who shoot every weekend go through), then 38s are much easier on the pocket book and also have the bonus of less recoil while shooting. Guns can be original or a replica. You really need to see and understand the type of shooting you will be doing before you decide which guns to shoot.

Pistols: Pistols used must be single action. There are several manufacturers to choose from with the Ruger being the most popular. The most common calibers include: .22 rimfire (for the Buckaroos); .32, .38, .45, and .44-40. If you decide you really want to go back in time you can choose to shoot cap and ball black powder pistols - these are really fun! Bullets used must be lead only, no jacketed or hollow points are allowed for safety reasons.
Rifles: Usually lever action rifles are used and they must be in a pistol caliber. The Lightening pump is also SASS legal. There are several different models to choose from, such as replica Winchester 1866, Winchester 1873 or Marlin rifles. Of course you are welcome to shoot original guns. Lead bullets only, no jacketed or hollow point bullets allowed.
Shotguns: The shotguns can be a double barreled coach style gun, with or without hammers, or a Winchester 1897 pump. Original or a replica guns are allowed. Again, there are various manufactures to choose from so it is best to come visit and see what others are using before you buy. Shotgun shells must contain 7 Ĺ or smaller shot.
Leather: You will need a gun belt with two holsters. The holsters can be either high on the belt or "Buscadero" dropped style. You can use two straight draw holsters, or you may use one cross draw holster. You will also need a belt that can hold at least eight shotgun shells. The shotgun shell loops can either be made into the main gun belt or they can be on a separate belt. It would be wise to borrow leather for your first match or two before you decide what you want to buy. Because we are always refining our shooting equipment, most all of us have extra leather you can use, so just ask around.
Eye and hearing protection must be worn by all shooters and visitors while the match is in progress.
We are always looking for the chance to explain how much fun we are having to new shooters. Come out, ask some questions and donít be surprised if you start dreaming up your own Cowboy alias on the drive home.
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