RBGC 3-Gun
  RBGC 3-Gun  Your First Match Needs
  When you come out to your first match, you will need to bring along a minimum contingent of equipment. Please read the information on the Necessary Gear and Division page. Feel free to go overboard but don't panic if you miss something.
  Major Reminder
Bring lots of ammo. You won’t need it all, but who knows what challenges await you. Be prepared!

Here are a few reminders for your first match:

  • Bring enough ammo to ensure you don't run out - at least 100 rounds.
  • Magazines: Bring at least enough to hold 50 rounds for a course of fire.
  • Holsters: You need one that fits and attaches to your belt (leg drop is OK).
  • Magazine holders: bring plenty. You want to be able to carry four magazines regardless of division, and be sure your magazines fit! Magazine carriers work better than pockets. Remember, we must have safe gun handling.
  • Bring plenty of ammo, at least 100 rounds.
  • A rifle case (soft or hard). When you first arrive at our range, your rifle must be cased!
  • At least three magazines. Our rifle round count may require 100 rounds or more over various stages. You probably want to carry at least one spare magazine in case you have a problem during your run.
  • Magazine pouches that fit your magazines and a dump pouch to store the empties as you move.
  • A sling that allows your rifle to hang with the muzzle pointed towards the ground.
  • Know how to operate your shotgun, practice loading!
  • A shotgun case (soft or hard). When you first arrive at our range, your shotgun must be cased!
  • At least 50 rounds of lead bird shot, size #6 or smaller ( i.e., #7 1/2, #8, etc.). In addition, we
    sometimes require slugs on certain stages. Bring at least five slugs and five buckshot to each match.
    Have shell carriers to carry extra rounds during the course of fire. This could
    include holders that attach to your belt like 4x4’s or a pouch (like a "fanny pack”). Special
    shotgun ammunition belts with elastic to hold individual rounds which go around your waist/
    chest/shoulder can work as well depending on your other gear. If you don't have one you can
    surely borrow something from someone at the match.
  RBGC 3-Gun  Additional Equipment
  • Eye and ear protection. To shoot a 3-Gun match at RBGC, you must wear safety/shooting
    glasses and some type of ear protection (plugs or muffs).
  • Be prepared for bad weather.
  • Knee and/or elbow pads can be handy if you are sensitive in those areas. You can count on
    having to kneel and possibly go prone during a match. If some padding will prevent injury
    when you get too enthusiastic, please consider using knee and/or elbow pads.
  • Water and food! During the summer, dehydration is a constant problem. 3-Gun is
    movement! Bring snacks and something to drink (no alcohol).
  This may be a long list, but it is pretty much driven by common sense. Come on out and have a good time. It doesn’t take a seasoned veteran to enjoy the competition and have a great time learning new skills and techniques.